Amiee Rickards

Amiee Rickards Princess (Mystique)

Amiee Rickards4Amiee Rickards2 Amiee Rickards0 Amiee Rickards1 England’s Amiee Rickards doesn’t mind being a sex symbol one bit. This fan favorite makes her second appearance in Mystique Magazine and, posing for master lensman Mark Daughn in an old west poker game scene.

We sure as hell would be distracted from our card game if a lass as appealing as Amiee were disrobing beside the table. Speaking of disrobing, Aimee is Miss January in Mystique’s Exposed 2007 Calendar and beat more than 3,800 other models to become “Miss Mystique 2006”.

Typically shy, Amiee came out of her shell during her interview with

“I don’t mind if men fantasize about being with me when they look at my pictures,” she said.

“That’s my job. I aim to please and that sort of thing doesn’t bother me. It’s a turn-on knowing that couples might look at my photos and admire my face and body. I would be out of pocket unless I made people happy.”

So you don’t mind being someone’s “inspiration”? “Not at all. What I like about Mystique is that it isn’t Penthouse. It is arousing but in a beautiful way.

“I also have a coffee table book, called Mystical Sirens, coming out with Mystique in September and I am the cover girl. The books are so beautiful and classy. You can leave them on the coffee table for your grandparents to look at.”

Other men’s magazines and websites present models in a manner than viewers say to themselves, “Well, I could have sex with her” and that’s it. I will only pose totally nude for Mystique, for as long as they want to use me, because they are the best company to work for, the pictures are amazing every time and the videos are very classy. It is sensual but isn’t porn. It is art.”

Speaking of fantasies, who is your own fantasy material? “Johnny Depp, from Pirates of the Caribbean, although my brother looks like him so much that that would be sick in real life so I would have to say… Jose Marunio, the Chelsea football club manager.”

“What else is good? The sun gets me hot and bothered and horny. Also, playing Jamie Foxx, having a glass of red wine, making some spaghetti Bolognaise and getting it all down me. (Laughs) That’s the only thing I cook really well.”

Aimee believes that you have to keep the spark alive in a relationship. “Sometimes it is fun to dress up. I’m sure all men fantasize about their girl dressing up as a police officer or a nurse. I like to wear my Stilettos and nothing else around the house. My boyfriend and I aren’t wild or weird. We just have fun. “

Now moving into acting, Aimee is learning the tools of the acting trade. “I have been studying, reading books, etc. on how to progress as a better actress. I’m auditioning and starting an acting workshop to get more practice in.”

Is it true you are really shy? “You would not think that since I pose nude, but sometimes I really don’t like people taking notice of me. My family took me to an Italian restaurant for my 20th birthday meal last night and when we arrived, the lights went down and music started blaring. Out came the cake and people clapping. I really wanted the ground to swallow me.”

Amiee Rickards Amiee Rickards3 Amiee Rickards5 Amiee Rickards6 Amiee Rickards7 Amiee Rickards8 Amiee Rickards9 Amiee Rickards12 Amiee Rickards10 Amiee Rickards11

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