Lisa Zee Interview

Lisa Zee22Lisa Zee58The questions were chosen by our readers:

Robert A. : Very nice tattoo there on the side, any plans for the opposite side ?

Lisa Zee : My left side is all planned out, just waiting to finish my arms before I start new pieces! You’ll have to wait and see what happens:) 

Joshua C. : As a woman, did that hurt on your ribs ?

Lisa Zee : My side piece was overall an uncomfortable experience, but my ribs were less painful than my back area simply because I have back pain problems. Laying down before the needle even hit me was excruciating!

Ana C. : What made you choose that as a tattoo apposed to anything else?

Lisa Zee : The squid is a piece dedicated mostly to my ethnicity and for my grandparents. My great grandfather was a fisherman in Croatia, before my dad came here when he was 8, he said he’d help him fish and they’d use squid as bait!

Tina A. : Why did you choose it to be in the places you placed your tattoos?

Lisa Zee : I chose it to be on my side because I decided to do a “giant squid” also because I’ve always had a huge fascination for that. So why would I do a tiny tattoo of a GIANT squid? Have to go big or go home! :)

Nymph M. : I love the bold outline and use of deep color, did you make these choices or your tattoo artist?

Lisa Zee : My tattoo artist’s personal style always uses bold outlines like that. He did my fiance’s entire sleeve that way, which is why I chose to go to him. So I guess it’s a bit of both!

James L. & William M. & Bob M. : Will you marry me ?

Lisa Zee : I’m engaged! ;)

Thank you Lisa Zee for your time

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