Tess Taylor Arlington

Tess Taylor Arlington in black lingerie

37650_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_01xl_123_198lo 37629_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_02xl_123_825lo 37640_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_04xl_123_42loTess Taylor (birth name Tess Amber Adler) (also known as Tess Taylor Arlington) born February 11, 1990 is an American reality tv personality known for her reality show Pretty Wild with her sisters Alexis and Gabby Neiers. She became the Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year 2010.

Taylor was named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week for the week of July 13, 2009, and subsequently Cyber Girl of the Month for November 2009.She was later named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year for 2010.

Taylor costarred on the E! reality show Pretty Wild, which depicts her life and attempts to become a model. Her adoptive family also appears on the series. Taylor and her sister starred in the music video for “When She Turns 18,” by Christian TV. Taylor modeled and walked the runway for Biatta Intimates. Taylor has a cameo in the straight-to-DVD film Frat Boy, with her sister Alexis.

In January 2011, Tess checked herself into the SOBA Recovery center in Malibu, California for addiction to opiates. She planned to stay there for a 12-month inpatient program. After 30 days in the Malibu facility, she transferred to an outpatient program in Beverly Hills.

Tess Taylor Arlington says she smiled for hours after being informed of her Cyber Girl of the Month status. “Actually,” she says, “the grin is still there! It’s so heart-warming to know I have… people around the world rooting for me. I promise to keep each and every last one of the Cyber Club members happy.” She’s been working toward her goal of creating art that people can relate and respond to, appearing in music videos for Black Eyed Peas, The Fray and the movie Fame. “Whether it be acting, dancing or teaching people to connect with their mind, body and self, I want people to smile.”
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37670_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_14xl_123_426lo 37681_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_19xl_123_251lo37716_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_21xl_123_384lo 37651_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_05xl_123_582lo 37683_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_20xl_123_253lo 37660_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_08xl_123_559lo 37667_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_13xl_123_551lo 37691_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_22xl_123_439lo 37698_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_24xl_123_1189lo 37675_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_17xl_123_162lo 37697_cc_CGoM2009_m11_Tess_Taylor_Arlington_Pictorial3_25xl_123_431lo

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