Tiffany Teen

tiffany9tiffany4 tiffany5 tiffany7 tiffany6 tiffany2 tiffany11 tiffany0 tiffany8 tiffany12 Tiffany Teen was the star of a softcore erotic pay website,, launched March 12 2003 and kept active foralmost two years until its cancellation by Tiffany herself in early 2005. Tiffany’s website featured pictures and videos depicting her in various erotic poses and sexy outfits such as swimsuits and miniskirts — for example, one photo series showed her as a catgirl lapping milk and playing with a toy mouse. However, though such elements as wet T-shirts and upskirt shots were quite common, and though Tiffany often appeared topless while covering her breasts with her hands or through other means (such as lying face-down on the beach or turning away from the camera), there were never any actually nude material. In fact, she did a large part of her sensual photo sets in relatively casual clothing.

Despite the fact, or perhaps thanks to the fact that Tiffany never fully undressed, her website was very successful (with page views peaking at around 15 million per day at the end of 2004, according to Alexa), and she gathered a large fanbase on the Internet. In keeping with the non-nude stricture, the emphasis in Tiffany’s photos often lay on such aspects as cute facial expressions, sensual smiles and suggestive looks. While many people dismissed her a tease and kept waiting for her to start doing “real porn,” many others found what she did to be interesting enough to keep paying for. Indeed, some even went so far as to say that they would probably lose interest should Tiffany ever start doing nudity or hardcore — that such an event would “take away the excitement.”

In late 2004, nude photos and eventually a nude video of Tiffany supposedly taken by her boyfriend began circulating through the Internet. Then, what was claimed to be Tiffany’s highschool yearbook picture was posted on an Internet message board in early January 2005, along with allegations about her real name. Shortly thereafter, Tiffany quit the business and her website was discontinued. In a subsequent farewell posting to her fans and the public, she wrote, “It wasn’t the nude pics or certain people or anything that caused me to retire from Tiffany… just changes in my life […] I mean it was fun! But now, I’m gonna be 21 in May and I dont know if I’m supposed to say this or not but I’m getting married in July and before all that happens I just kinda wanted to I guess clean up a little bit and start a life/job/career that is respected and genuine.


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