Adriana Lima Awesome Super Model

Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima

Not many models can claim to have had a career as awesome as Adriana Lima’s. This Brazilian babe is a model and actress that is best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Model since 2000. According to Forbes, since 2005, she has been one of the top five highest paid models in the world.

She has been a GUESS? girl, was a spokesmodel for Maybelline, won all sorts of Supermodel contests, appeared in Superbowl Ads (she’s the only celebrity to appear in two ads for the same game), appeared in movies and television, and of course, she’s a Victoria’s Secret Model. That is just a few of her many accomplishments that are really too long to go through when you pretty much just want to see her pictures.

In Apirl 2006, at 24 years of age, she told GQ Magazine that she was a virgin and that she was saving it for marriage. Well she ended up marrying Serbian NBA player Marko Jaric in June 2008. They now have two daughters.

via Super Model Adriana Lima

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