Gallows Suicide – Suicide Girl

Gallows Suicide – Suicide Girl

Gallows Suicide is a 22-year-old Suicide Girl from Ohio who fantasizes about unicorns and werewolves.
Name: Gallows Suicide
AGE: 22
LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio.
HOMETOWN: Gallipolis, Ohio. LOVE Ohio.
HEROES: My mom, grandparents, step dad, my cousin Chance, my amazing boyfriend, my sissy-poo and my best friends.
FANTASY: Unicorns and werewolves.
SIGN: Virgo
MY DIET: Vegan
ALCOHOL: Occasionally
I AM LOOKING FOR: Whoever comes along.
MY POLITICS: Bleeding-heart Liberal.
MY STATUS: Exclusive relationship
MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: A long, slow, late dinner with friends.
I WANT: Friendship

INTO: Stars and Galaxies, Ohio, Choonimals, animals, tea, flowers, books, video games, VS Pink, candles, chapstick, makeup, movies, Bath and Body Works, music, traveling, furniture, coffee, animal rights. Instagram (otterbegallows)
MAKES ME HAPPY: Galaxies, flowers, glitter, hanging with Joshua and my family, playing video games, Ohio, my friends and animals, sunlight, SG and all the besties I’ve made here, bing able to be financially stable by not being a bum and having an awesome job.
HOBBIES: Pen pals. Reading. Video games. Writing.
5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:Animals, family, Joshua, friends, books.
VICES: Biting my fingernails, chapstick.

SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates alternative beauty and alternative culture from all over the world. Since 2001, tens of thousands of models have submitted millions of photos to their website hoping to become SuicideGirls.

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