Natasha Belle is Perfect Naked

Natasha was born August 3, 1992 which makes her barely 20 years old at the time of writing this.
What is she known for? Well not a whole lot really. Basically she is just really cute, has natural boobs and shows them off on her website She has blue eyes and brown hair and has a very natural look to her. She seems to have created quite a following as an adult model, so really, she doesn’t need to do much else other than sit there and look pretty… which she does very well.

Natasha Belle SchoolGirl00Natasha Belle SchoolGirl5Natasha Belle SchoolGirl8Natasha Belle SchoolGirl1Natasha Belle SchoolGirl7Natasha Belle SchoolGirl9Natasha Belle SchoolGirl10Natasha Belle SchoolGirl11Natasha Belle SchoolGirl12Natasha Belle Sexy In Black3Natasha Belle Sexy In Black0Natasha Belle Sexy In Black6Natasha Belle Sexy In Black1Natasha Belle Sexy In Black2Natasha Belle Sexy In Black4Natasha-Belle-21-940x1410natasha_belle_takes_a_shower_000Natasha Belle Sexy In Black5Natasha-Belle-25Natasha-Belle-5Natasha-Belle-22Natasha-Belle-3natasha_belle_takes_a_shower_001Natasha-Belle-15Natasha-Belle-8Natasha-Belle-24Natasha-Belle-1Natasha Belle SchoolGirl2natasha_belle_takes_a_shower_002natasha_belle_takes_a_shower_006natasha_belle_takes_a_shower_011


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