Ksusha Belousova

Ksusha Belousova was born in Siberia, Russia, age 24 years old and grew up in a hard working middle class family.  She was fortunate to have been blessed with the gift of beauty, poise, and determination, as well as being a good student.  At the age of 16 she entered local beauty contests and she was crowned Vise Miss Tyumen. Ksusha has been featured on the cover of GlamFreak magazine, Obsession magazine, Council magazine, VNB magazine etc..
She recently had the opportunity to appear in a Russian movie shot here in the US, with some famous Russian actors and actresses.  She has an exciting, new and versatile look, and she is sought out for her glamorous beauty and sensuous appeal.

Ksusha Belousova Ksusha aKsusha Belousova0 Ksusha_6 Ksusha_2 Ksusha_5Ksusha Belousova2 Ksusha_1Ksusha Belousova-1Ksusha Belousova5 Ksusha Belousova3 Ksusha Belousova4Ksusha_10 Ksusha_3 Ksusha_4 Ksusha_7 Ksusha_9

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