Elle Liberachi

An introduction to the blue eyed british model Elle Liberachi – born in the UK on the 23rd of February, 1986.
Elle is a fresh face in the industry & the return of the sexy model with her exotic looks hailing from her French Italian heritage.
Elle currently works between Europe, US and her hometown London.

blue_bikini_hood Elle_14 elle_liberachi14-BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot_3 BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot_5 BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot_6 BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot_8 BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot_10 BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot_12 BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot_13 BonPrix_SwimWear_PhotoShoot_15 - -elle_liberachi00 elle_liberachi_words_can_t_describe_dqdn6En silver_one_piece

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