Lass Suicide For SuicideGirl

Lass Suicide is a 20-year-old SuicideGirl from Scotland. Save your haggis, bagpipe and thick accent jokes, dudes. This sassy, beautiful ginger lady has heard them all. Lass likes food, alcohol and coffee — just not all at the same time. She’s a college student, so she appreciates a good night’s sleep as well as the occasional friendly drunk. Lass also loves her some tattoos, ballet and boobs. Tattoos, ballet and boobs? That sounds like the greatest idea that Broadway has never had. Somebody get on that stat!
Name: Lass Suicide, Age: 20, Location: Scotland, Occupation: Student, Makes Her Happy: Finding an amazing new author, food, alcohol, coffee, friendly drunk people, cute underwear, my cat, when I can get more than 5 hours sleep a night, new tattoos, good days at college.
Makes Her Sad: Unnecessary nasty comments and dramatic people. Into: Tattoos, reading, drawing, boobs, drinking, ballet and online shopping. Body Mods: Tattoos here and there.14 1105 13lass200 01 1204 07 08 lass-suicide-feat09 10

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