Veronica Lavery Cyber Girl

Veronica Lavery is your Cyber Girl of the Month. And before you tattoo haters email us about how much she ruined her life by getting tats. She’s 20, stands 5’8″ tall, and weighs 115 lbs. She also has an ice cream cone tattoo’d on her ass and if That doesn’t say she likes to party.

Veronica Lavery-4Veronica Lavery-3Veronica Lavery2 Veronica Lavery3 Veronica Lavery4Veronica Lavery Veronica Lavery0 Veronica Lavery1 Veronica Lavery-0 Veronica Lavery-1 Veronica Lavery-2 Veronica Lavery-5 Veronica Lavery-6 Veronica Lavery-7Veronica Lavery-8

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