Victoria “Murder” Bella-Morte

Victoria Bella Morte (25 years old) a Tattoo Artist to have a work, likeness, or appear as a Cover Model, published in, Inked Magazine, Tattoo Lifestyle Magazine, Elite Magazine, with many others in the works currently.
Victoria Bella Morte have modelled for Pure Imagination clothing, and walked runway for Toxic Vision. Canadian Metal radio hostess of 3 years until leaving to pursue other interests. All the ink, including the neck, was done by myself, and she now works in a tattoo shop in Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

7917692706_2bb93c2dc4_z 7960934464_1b54bd231e_z 7096610671_8c9dde67ef_z tattooed-girl-Miss-Victoria-Murder n-OkM_mHMZ0 x_f94404b8Victoria-Bella-Morte-03 6049955138_401e191181_z Miss-Victoria-Murder-tattoos 8O193kXL2JE6155993195_4857f54d28_z 6209758209_4df52822aa_z 6398132831_4a443a7c5d_z 7129968937_1ac3784e25_z 7246629338_29ec12ba72_z 7255657652_0c1595f4fc_z 7342774920_f1b54f76ae_z 7370180480_75b3e93408_z 7634520542_e7932b6262_z 7739490834_09262ef554_z6887372719_8a10ae6919_z 6125197838_46e6c1a1ec_z 6489715421_813fe2bccf_z7874965096_232bbe42bb_z6286693913_37238056a4_z 6328051984_b84e4f50e4_z 6337620303_bf3d6a09ea_z 7282931222_9bfbca0cf9_z 7332820464_40c01f955a_z 7560370712_a72b7d20ff_z 7581790812_c378d7de69_z 7666320032_34f2de1004_z 7858386354_436c3b70a1_z Victoria-Bella-Morte-04 tumblr_l0c7n7ZzR81qaforl

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