Fernanda For Suicide Girl

Fernanda in Petit Chalet

Fernanda Suicide is a 33-year-old model whose favorite movie is ‘Saw.’ Seems like brutal and brutally sexy are a package deal. LOCATION: I’m lost. OCCUPATION: Designer, CURRENT CRUSH: Ehmmm… Johnny Depp?, GETS ME HOT: INTELLIGENCE!, FAVORITE POSITION: Me on top with a strap on, climbing a tree while you wear a ballerina suit and an orchestra plays Herb Alpert´s Spanish Flea. I LOST MY VIRGINITY: Yes i did! And i´ve not found it back yet! MY STATUS: Exclusive relationship. MY PIGEONHOLES: Tattooed, Goth, Piercing, Geek. MAKES ME HAPPY: My friends, my family, rain, LOVE, dancing, and CHOCOLATES!, MAKES ME SAD: Any kind of cruelty. HOBBIES: Reading, Designing, painting. 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My laptop, chocolates, my family, my friends and MUSIC!

Fernanda in Petit Chalet Fernanda in Petit Chalet0Fernanda in Petit Chalet1 Fernanda in Petit Chalet2Fernanda in Petit Chalet3 Fernanda in Petit Chalet4Fernanda in Petit Chalet5 Fernanda in Petit Chalet6 Fernanda in Petit Chalet12 Fernanda in Petit Chalet11 Fernanda in Petit Chalet7 Fernanda in Petit Chalet8 Fernanda in Petit Chalet10 Fernanda in Petit Chalet9

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