Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick The 12 Top Porn Stars

Tera Patrick was born in Great Falls, Montana to an English father and Thai mother; her parents had originally met in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. While Tera was young, her mother moved back to Thailand, and her father moved with her to San Francisco, California and raised her there himself.
Patrick was discovered in San Francisco by a talent scout for the Eileen Ford Modeling Agency, and at the age of 13 she was signed to a contract to be a model. She moved to New York City shortly thereafter and her career as a runway and catalog model began. At 18, she left the world of modeling and enrolled at Boise State University where she received her associate’s (two year) degree in nursing and a BS in Microbiology. She then transferred to University of California, Santa Barbara, where for financial reasons she began modeling again.

Tera Patrick

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