Amanda Streich

Amanda Streich Polish Beauty is Blessed 

This Polish beauty is blessed with such an incredible figure. Amanda Streich Born in Poland, Wednesday 26th of May 1993 (19 years young). These exclusive photos of Miss December 2012 show her in various states of undress wearing some rather seriously sexy and skimpy attire. Both the black and gold tops are littered with holes – it’s the most fragile of clothes, being made from fine string, sequins, and beads. Just one hard tug in the heat of the moment and this enchantress would be bare and beautiful as the pieces to her top rained down onto the floor – or bed or wherever your fantasy takes the two of you.

amanda_streich01 amanda_streich06 amanda_streich09 amanda_streich08 amanda_streich10 amanda_streich10a amanda_streich09a amanda_streich05 amanda_streich02a amanda_streich04 amanda_streich03 amanda_streich02 amanda_streich07a amanda_streich07 Playmate Test amanda_streich12

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