DJ Megan Daniels

Megan Daniels The Sexiest DJ on The Planet

DJ Megan Daniels is the House DJ at Avec Nightclub in Huntington Beach, California. Her style is mostly House with a mix of Top 40 mash-ups but she will throw in other genres like Drum-and-Bass and Drubstep if the party warrants it.

Check out more on Megan’s website. And visit her sexy profile page.

megan-daniels0 Megan Daniels 4megan-4Megan9 Megan10megan-daniels2 Megan Daniels 3 megan_daniels_003megan_daniels_007 megan_daniels_010 megan_daniels_011 megan_daniels_012 megan_daniels_015 megan_daniels_016megan_daniels_005 megan_daniels_006 megan_daniels_002 megan_daniels_004

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