Carrina For Suicide Girl

Carrina Suicide Girl

Carrina is into World War II history, house destruction parties and hates boys that can’t fix things. Age: 22, Location: California, Makes me happy: Dissent and profanity, punk rock, patriotism and Marine corps boys, Makes me sad: Boys who can’t fix things, unwarranted sobriety, copycats, disloyalty, traitors, thieves and gutless cowards in general, 5 things I can’t live without: family, the capacity to learn, air, typewriter and freedom, Vices: Mania, drunken debauchery, inhibiting my lung capacity, being a lush in general.

Carrina-0 Carrina-1 Carrina-2 Carrina-5 Carrina- Carrina-4 Carrina-3 Carrina-13 Carrina-12 Carrina-11 Carrina-7 Carrina-8 Carrina-6 Carrina-9 Carrina-10

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