Heather Knox

Heather Knox Football Fanatic 

Four months after beeing discovered at Playboy Casting Calls in Columbus, the blue eyes blonde model Heather Knox is the Playmate of the month January 2012. As any football fan, Heather Knox will come to the Super Bowl which is in her hometown. But this year, she won’t be a classic supporter but the greatest guest in the Playboy suite. Heather Knox loves men who are secure with themselves, know how to make her laugh and are chivalrous, but more than anything be yourself and don’t try to imitate somebody.

heather-knox-playboy-playmate-miss-january-2012-3 heather_knox_c01heather-knox-playboy-playmate-miss-january-2012-8 heather_knox_b01 heather_knox_b02 heather-knox03 heather-knox05 heather-knox06 heather-knox07 heather-knox-playboy-playmate-miss-january-2012-1 heather-knox-playboy-playmate-miss-january-2012-2 heather-knox-playboy-playmate-miss-january-2012-4 heather-knox-playboy-playmate-miss-january-2012-5 heather-knox-playboy-playmate-miss-january-2012-6 heather-knox-playboy-playmate-miss-january-2012-7

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