Amina Munster

Amina Munster Born March 31, 1982 in Racine, Wisconsin,USA. She debuted on in late December 2002, and she has never shown her missing leg or fingers in any of her photos. She’s fairly heavily tattooed, has a gold tooth and breast implants, all of which she considers mods, but does not consider her “missing parts” body modification. She believes that in order to classify something as body modification, it needs to be an intentional act.
His bold photos, amazing tattoos and singular name are just the visible face of the goddess Amina Munster. If you think another girl is dark like that abound on the net, you are totally wrong. Model, photographer, web designer, Photoshop expert, leather craft, bartender and … disabled. A work of art made woman. And Visit Page Amina Munster Interview.


amina0 amina1 amina9 amina2amina17 amina15 amina18 amina13amina4 amina05 amina27amina24 amina07 amina3 amina33 amina30 amina38 amina37 amina06 amina02 amina25


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