Molly Shaw Playboy CyberGirls

Born May 21, 1992, Hollywood, California. “Dance is a big part of my life,” she says. “I’m trained in all styles. Modern, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, ballet – even line dancing. I do love country music.” When she’s not working, Molly Shaw likes to go to the beach with her friends. “Hollywood has some of the best beaches in California. We go swimming and boating at Venice, Sunset, or Marina del Rey.” She’s single, and she likes her guys strong-willed and hard-working. “I have a weakness for musicians,” says Molly. “And military men – I just love the uniforms!”

molly-shaw-playboy-model12-682x1024 molly-shaw-playboy-model11-682x1024 molly-shaw-playboy-model9-682x1024 molly-shaw-playboy-model1-682x1024molly_shaw_striptease12-682x1024 molly_shaw_striptease11-682x1024 molly_shaw_striptease9-682x1024 molly_shaw_striptease3-682x1024 molly_shaw_striptease5-682x1024 molly_shaw_striptease2-682x1024 molly_shaw_striptease1-682x1024 molly-shaw-playboy-model5-682x1024 molly-shaw-playboy-model10-682x1024 molly-shaw-playboy-model4-682x1024 molly-shaw-playboy-model6-682x1024molly_shaw_striptease8-1024x682molly_shaw_striptease10-1024x682

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