Veronica Saint

Veronica Saint In Black Golden Corsage

Veronica Saint was born in Paris, France but these days spends much of her time in the United States. While still at school Veronica wanted to be a lawyer or a vet, but it wasn’t to long before the lure of the glamour modeling scene drew her attention and that’s where her focus is today. Even though her first photo shoot was anything but glamorous and turned out to be something Veronica describes as “awful” it wasn’t bad enough to make her think about anything else. These days Veronica still describes modeling as something close to a hobby but if that’s what it is her.

veronicasaint04 veronicasaint05 veronicasaint01 veronicasaint02 veronicasaint00 veronicasaint07 Veronica Saint1 veronicasaint06 Veronica Saint2 veronicasaint10 veronicasaint11 veronicasaint306 veronicasaint310

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