Lucy Becker

Lucy Becker in lingerie showing her amazing breasts

Lucy was born in London on the 12th January 1978 as Lucille Becker, and lived there until the age of 6 when she moved with her parents to Bournemouth. After 10 years she moved back to London to pursue a career and has a home in Barnet. Amazingly, Lucy didn’t begin her modelling career properly until June 2004, but had done a little modelling around 6 years prior to this. She has appeared in Playboy and was voted by Loaded magazine to be Pin-up Of The Year for 2005. She has also branched out to acting, appearing twice on the UK Channel 4 drama series, Hollyoaks, and also in a series of commercials for WhatMobile. In 2007 she took a break whilst she gave birth to twins, Jamie and Brady, but more recently has begun modelling again in the UK and USA. Her modelling agency is Supermodel, with friends in the business such as Lindsey Dawn McKenzie and Holly McGuire.
The 5′ 4″ London lass has seen her on the rise since increasing her bust size from 30D to 30F. Most people feel that more than a handful is a waste, but in Lucy’s case, we make the justified exception. “I love them,” she says, “they’re my two front air bags. They’re fantastic.” Indeed they are! In Lucy’s spare time she likes to enjoy swimming, travelling, snorkeling, rollerblading and trampolining. She also enjoys, as any woman does, shopping and like to spend time walking and playing with her children and dogs!

Lucy_Becker_01 Lucy_Becker_02 Lucy_Becker_03 Lucy_Becker_07 Lucy_Becker_10 LucyBecker_Gallery_1_FullSize_2 LucyBecker_Gallery_1_FullSize_16 LucyBecker_Gallery_2_FullSize_2 LucyBecker_Gallery_2_FullSize_3 LucyBecker_Gallery_2_FullSize_10 LucyBecker_Gallery_2_FullSize_13 LucyBecker_Gallery_3_FullSize_1 LucyBecker_Gallery_3_FullSize_2 LucyBecker_Gallery_3_FullSize_5 LucyBecker_Gallery_3_FullSize_11 LucyBecker_Gallery_3_FullSize_12 LucyBecker_Gallery_4_FullSize_4 LucyBecker_Gallery_4_FullSize_5 LucyBecker_Gallery_4_FullSize_14 LucyBecker_Gallery_4_FullSize_19


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