Iryna Ivanova

Iryna Ivanova Beautiful Girl from Ukrainian

She’s all natural, with long black hair, brown eyes and a DD bust. Born in Feodosiya, Crimea – a Ukrainian port on the coast of the Black Sea – she moved to Tucson in her teens and enrolled in a BA program at the University of Arizona. She did a semester abroad, spending time in Athens and the Cyclades. “Mykonos is beautiful,” she says, “and it has the best parties.” For romance and calm, though, I adore BALI. Plus, the Indonesians are the nicest people I’ve ever met.” Confidence brought her to playboy’s shores. “I love my body, and my philosophy is that if you have the right kind of body, why not show it?” She adds, Iryna Ivanova is the Playboy Playmate for August 2011.

Iryna Ivanova01 Iryna Ivanova07 Iryna Ivanova15 Iryna Ivanova06 Iryna Ivanova05 Iryna Ivanova08 Iryna Ivanova09 Iryna Ivanova10 Iryna Ivanova11 Iryna Ivanova13 Iryna Ivanova14 Iryna Ivanova12

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