Regina Deutinger

Regina Deutinger The Legacy German Playmates

Regina Deutinger (born September 17, 1982 in Munich, Germany) is a German adult model and was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for April 2008.
Regina continues the legacy of popular German Playmates selected to become Playmates in the American edition of Playboy. Following Janine Habeck and Giuliana Marino, Germany‘s Playmates of the Year for 2004 and 2005, respectively, Miss Deutinger was recruited to represent her home country’s 2006 Playmates in the U.S. Although she didn’t win, Regina was chosen as Vice Playmate of the Year in a close contest with Agnieszka Hendel. She originally appeared as Miss October 2006 in Germany. Unlike her predecessors, Misses Habeck and Marino, Deutinger is not of Italian descent and has blonde hair.
Regina as a child loved going to Oktoberfest, and even worked there for 3 years. She has attended business school, and hopes to one day take over her family’s window-installation firm, when her parents are ready to retire. Until then, she will be traveling, having already gone to Courchevel, France. One day, she hopes to visit Hawaii and the Maldives, but will always return home to Munich.

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