Brandi Bryant

Brandi Bryant Playboy Cybergirl of the Month for September 2010

Brandi Bryant is the Playboy Cybergirl of the Month for September 2010. Brandi Bryant thinks her fans are the best because they notice she’s more than just a pretty face. They realize that it’s a compliment for her to represent Playboy and she appreciates… their support. “It’s not easy for a 5’1″ shorty from Houston to rise to the top,” she says. “Hard work pays off!” You’ll notice Brandi’s gone from brunette to blonde. “I just needed a change in my life. I think I’m definitely better as a blonde! I feel like this is the real me.” She’s also looking for the real he: her soul mate. “I’ve been single for a while now and can’t seem to find a man that respects me and backs me up 100 percent as a Playboy model. I do believe in soul mates and I’ll wait as long as I have to in order to find that lucky man.”

brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-1 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-4 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-5 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-10 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-2 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-3 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-9 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-16 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-6 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-8 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-7 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-12 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-11 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-13 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-15 brandi_bryant_in_front_of_a_waterfall-14

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