Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee The Big Breast Porn Star

Sophie Dee is a Welsh pornstar and former Page Three girl. In January 2005, she moved to California to start her adult film career , she has appeared in over 300 adult films till now.  Sophie enlarged her C-cup breasts to a whopping size od double D, yes, her boobs are DD!

sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass6 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass2 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass16 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass4 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass1 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass0 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass5 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass13 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass11 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass15 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass12 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass3 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass8 sophie-dee-drops-bikini-flaunts-big-tits-and-ass7

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