Audrey Aleen Allen

Audrey Aleen Allen Beautiful Blonde Babe

Audrey Aleen Allen Born in  Edina, Minnesota. She is the Playboy Playmate for June 2013. Bust: 34C, Waist: 22, Hips: 34, Height: 5′ 2″, Weight: 105 lbs
Ambitions: To further my career with Playboy, complete my bachelor’s degree and make a difference in the world.
Turn-Ons: Confidence, honesty, a sense of humour and a beautiful mind. (pretty muscles never hurt neither).
Turnoffs: Stinky anything (breath, armpits, etc) Wretched table manners and guys with too much liquid courage (Be it booze or any testosterone stimulating substances)
Downtime Heaven: I love books because they take me out of myself and into another world. Journeys into the heart of Hogwarts and dragon rides in Pern laid he foundation for my spirit of adventure as an adult.
Music To My Ears: Country! Lately, I love Jake Owen’s “Alone With You.”
Ideal Summer Vacation: One where you never leave the hotel.

audrey_aleen_allen_nude1-682x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude2-682x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude3-683x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude4-682x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude5-683x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude6-683x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude7-682x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude8-683x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude9-682x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude10-683x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude11-683x1024 audrey_aleen_allen_nude12-682x1024 PMOM: Small Camera PMOM: Small Camera PMOM: Small Camera PMOM: Small Camera PMOM: Small Camera

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