Alana Campos

Alana Campos Exotic beauty from Brazil

Alana Campos was born in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis, a subtropical paradise so wonderful that it’s called the Island of Magic. Among its enchanting qualities: 42 pristine beaches where sea turtles and dolphins swim and surfers converge to ride world-renowned waves. “it’s beautiful there,” Alana says. “You’re completely surrounded by the ocean. Everybody is always smiling. I try to take that energy with me wherever I go.” There is, however one problem with Florianopolis. “All the girls are awesome and gorgeous,” Alana says. “When you go out at night, you become just another pretty face. It’s very annoying.”

Alana_Campos _l_1 Alana_Campos _l_12 Alana_Campos _l_6 Alana_Camposl_15 Alana_Campos l_11 Alana_Campos _l_10 Alana_Campos _l_8 Alana_Campos _l_4 Alana_Campos l_14 Alana_Campos_l_18 Alana_Campos_l_16

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