Forbidden Passion!

Lovers who do not touch,

Accomplices of a forbidden passion.

A game of seduction will be outlined,

Given our desire,

In a burst of feeling,

That afflict us.

You are so close to me

At your fingertips

And I can not touch you.

How long endure,

This heat that spreads

Our bodies,

Made hot lava will consume us.

We are prisoners,

Captives of the circumstances,

The pitfalls of life preached us,

Trying to disguise the love

That shines on us, made lighthouse.

Eager, excited, hesitant …

Delight us with exchange,

In looks, they strip and stroke,

An avalanche of feelings that overwhelm us.

My beloved!

Caress me with your words,

I drink your passion,

I will take you to my thoughts,

Where will we be free from the conveniences of the world,

Stop being like night and day,

That almost see and touch,

In an infinite wait a day to love.

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