Diana Moldovan

Diana Moldovan, Romanian Top Model for Victoria’s Secret

DM urlToday Diana really live the American dream. It is set in New York City insomniac, since no sleep.

Live a romance with an American born in Kennesaw, Georgia. SEAN O PRY is called and is like a top class model DIANA, 2010 Bottega Veneta is in the picture and ranked among the top 50 beautiful male model.

How did DIANA here in the heartland of America? And more importantly, why is the only Romanian woman who entered the world of model from VICTORIA S SECRET goddesses?

Simple! Nature has been generous to her.

Is high, and measures 1.76 inches tall. Medium length hair color is dark blond and blue-eyed doll exquisite beauty of this girl. Measurements are :83-59-88. Launched due YES Model Management agency in diana m diana2 Romania.

It was discovered in a club and in 2006 managed to kick sign a contract with IMG NEW YORK. Ambitious and tenacious top ranks TOP 10 MODELS and professional affirmation ii doors are open.

Has a busy schedule but does not complain. Diana Moldovan is concerned only with jobs, jobs, jobs.
Over a decade if not where they will start a family to take care of children, Diana wants to roam the world traveling.

Rarely fails to come home to Sfantu Gheorghe but enjoy the full attention and love of family that understands their beautiful daughter slowly but surely builds a career in America. Scroll to Romania and recognized designers. Her internationally as Paris or Ingrid Vlasov Irina Schrotter.

In his spare time DIANA prefer to dress comfortably. A pair of jeans shorts, a T-shirt
JAMES Persia, a jacket or a leather jacket. Sometimes I feel like dress is sexy dress. Put more emphasis on quality shoes and shirt company. According DIANA most important in an outfit are the shoes. And how has the choice, her passion is fully understood.

Diana is a girl determined to reach the highest point above that offers tranquility later when you have time at leisure travel. Piana when work is the key word in her life.

Having a male friend in the same branch and Sean believe that young people prefer the privacy DIANA home. Or walking. Or small trips found that when their schedule a day off. Diana Moldovan prefer designer creations “JILL SANDER, Tacna, RAG & BONE, ALEXANDER LANG, Stella Mc Cartney, ALEXANDER MC QUEEN, Helmut Lang and Phillip Lim.

DIANA MOLDOVAN presented for. designers from New York, Paris, London and Milan. It was the image of brands staif was photographed by leading fashion photographers and has also been on the covers of magazines like Vogue, Elle ONE IN ROMANIA. It has a thick resume that every year adds names, successes, new knowledge.

Newest successfully won the 2011 since becoming Clarins cosmetics brand image so beloved Romanian women warm country. At the end of the first year modellig in 2007 leading glossy magazines called it fair to Diana MOLDOVAN hit of the season and a young rising star.


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