Katie Vernola

Katie Vernola Caresses Her Body While Eating Ice Cream

Katie Vernola Born in Victorville, California, United States, Monday 21st of October 1991. She is an American adult model and was Playmate of the Month in June 2010. Katie Vernola is the first Playmate to have been born in the 1990s.

AMBITIONS: To be the best Playmate I can be, graduate college and have a healthy, happy family.
TURN-ONS: Smart, responsible guys with nice smiles and can-do attitudes.
TURNOFFS: Sloppy, conceited name-dropping braggarts with cigarette breath — yuck!!
WHAT MAKES A GIRL HOT: Lots of confidence, a big, warm loving heart and a tanned and toned smoking-hot bod.
MY FAVORITE MOVIE: Bad Boys 2. I love cars and it’s filled with racing, explosions and killer crashes.
I’M HAPPIEST: Having fun in the sun at the beach with my Maltese, Madison, and my family.
MY FINEST HOUR: Right now, being Miss June! Thanks, Hef.

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Jaime Faith Edmondson

 Jaime Faith Edmondsoncaresses her breasts and teasingly touches her smooth skin

Jaime Faith Edmondson is a 2002 graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Criminal Justice. She is a former police officer and Miami Dolphins cheerleader. She is also an animal lover who has volunteered at a non profit shelter for dogs. Edmondson and her friend, Cara Rosenthal were runners-up in The Amazing Race 14.

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