Celeste Sablich

Celeste Sablich Beautiful Brunette from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beautiful brunette Celeste Sablich is a decadently sensuous Playboy International Model from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The petite vixen is looking quite stunning in her blue bra and panties, but she will soon be slipping out of the set to enjoy a nice bubble bath. This curvaceous beauty is a star on Latin America’s Playboy TV. She stars in Praia Brava and shortOnline Casting, and her fame just continues to grow. Her sensuous splendor is undeniable.
Her face is a work of art and those dark eyes practically look through you. Amazing breasts and soft, silky skin are only the beginning of the seductive perfection that is Celeste Sablich It is obvious that this Playboy International model is a rising star destined for great things, and we look forward to every step of the journey!

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Amanda Streich

Amanda Streich Announced As Playboy Playmate December 2012

Amanda Streich Born in Poland, Wednesday 26th of May 1993 (19 years young) and has been announced as the Playboy Playmate for December 2012. Hailing from Poland, Amanda hit the New York runways in 2011 resulting in shoots for Victoria Secret as many other fashion magazines! At 5’9″, 125lbs Amanda is sure to be a hit with her natural stunning natural looks. Enjoy these sexy Amanda Streich.

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