Sammy Braddy & Alice Goodwin

Sammy Braddy & Alice Goodwin The Same Have A Big Breasts

The long tall woman in black that is 32G Alice Goodwin, but also the luscious 30GG Sammy Braddy who brings her big ones into the equation and really cranks up the wattage, and on that front, boy do these two ladies deliver! Sultry posing, incandescently hot bods and bodacious big boobs abound in this one and simply watching these two marvelous women take off each other’s bras is enough to bring us into the weekend with a smile and we think it will do the same to you. You may have to wear shades just to watch these two ladies take it off because it’s a scorcher, so let Alice and Sammy help you have a most excellent weekend!

sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig6 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig12 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig13 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig11 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig4 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig15 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig3 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig5 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig7 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig8 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig9 sammy-b-alice-goodwin-naked_uubig10

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