Alice Goodwin

Alice Goodwin Incredible Big Boobs

Alice Goodwin born Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom, Friday 13th of December 1985 ( 27 years young ), Ethnicity: Caucasian, Height: 5’8″ (or 172 cm), Boobs: fake/enhanced.
Alice Goodwin also happens to be one of the greatest glamour models of all-time, with not only one of the greatest bodies you will ever see, but two of the most utterly incredible big boobs you will ever see, on any woman, anywhere. The lovely, talented and spectacularly endowed 34G Alice Goodwin is here. Enjoy ……

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Alice Goodwin The lovely, Talented And Spectacularly

Alice Goodwin’s modelling career began somewhat suddenly in May 2008, when a photographer approached her on Bournemouth beach, as had happened 5 years earlier to Lucy Pinder on the same beach. Like Pinder, Goodwin was featured in the Daily Star, the photographs appearing in the paper the following day; many readers sent in requests to see more pictures.
She has since pursued a career in glamour modelling, and has had surgery enlarging her already substantial breasts. Aside from modelling, she appears daily on babe channel Elite TV and has been appearing there since April 2010.

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